Celebaby: Lily 'I'm not too young' and Shiloh Goes Flying

2 July 2010

In Celebaby today - Lily Allen talks having a family (again) and Shiloh Pitt is in the cockpit.

"I'm not too young"

lily1At the ripe-young age of 25, Lily Allen has declared she is retiring for five years so she can concentrate on other 'more important things' like...having children.

"I don’t think I’m that young to have a baby. My mother had me when she was 23," she comments, "it’s difficult as a woman who wants a family. Kids take up your whole life, particularly in the first two or three years." Yeah, erm Lily...try the first 16, at least!

Lily gives one of the big reasons for wanting a family as giving her something ‘more solid, something that exists, that makes me feel more grounded’. Well having kids certainly brings you down to earth with bump, but I'm not sure if that's the kind of 'grounding' she's after!

Shame, when did I get to be such a killjoy? Oh yes, when I stepped foot into the land that's on the reality side of the fence. Get a puppy, they're solid, exist and clearing up after them will make you feel grounded too!

As to whether someone is too young or not, well that's a debate that will r a g e until the end of time, but 25?  Too young? I suppose it all depends on the person...

Shiloh Pitt In the Cockpit

SPL130599_005Ok, so I made that up.  She wasn't in the cockpit, she WAS in the backseat though whilst Angelina had a flying lesson but I couldn't get backseat to rhyme with Pitt!

Angelina has had her pilot's licence since 2005 - I wonder if you get a provisional licence first the same way you do with your driving licence and then have lesson..? - and has, apparently, already promised Shiloh lessons of her own. Is there a minimum age for flying planes...? So many questions, I think I might just have to ask my very good friend Google...hang on.

Right! So, you can fly at 14 but you're not allowed to fly solo until you're 16. To get your pilot's licence here in the UK, you must have stacked up 45 hours flying time and 10 of those must be solo; you're not allowed to have anyone else in the plane other than an instructor until your licence has been granted - every day's a school day and all that!

Well, on the back of that little bit of research it looks as though young Shiloh is going to have to wait a while longer before she can really be Shiloh Pitt in the cockpit!

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