Celebaby: Kourtney Considers Being Surrogate For Khloe

30 March 2013

It feels as though I've not been able to get away from some sort of Kardashian/Jenner family news this week!

Kendal Jenner is in the press every other day, being criticised, and praised in the same sentence, for being 'too skinny'.  There's a story being written about the size of Kim Kardashian's backside and baby bump every five minutes and now we've got Kourtney and Khloe to contend with too.

I don't keep up with the Kardashian's - you know, for someone who doesn't, I have to admit to being remarkably Kardashian informed!  It's not of my own free will though, if I didn't have to write for Celebaby, I would avoid anything to do with them like the plague, but they're such good Celebaby fodder!

Anyway - Kourtney K has two kids; Kim K is preggars with baby number one and poor Khloe K has been struggling to conceive since she got married to her hubby back in 2009.

"I found out I don't ovulate, and now my uterus lining isn't thick enough and I have to take pills to make my  uterus lining thicker. If that doesn't get thicker, then I cannot carry a baby," she revealed to her step-brother during one of their reality TV shows (I absolutely do NOT watch those, there are limits!).

And so it is, later in the show, that Kourtney throws the idea of being a surrogate for her sister out into the universe. Actually, it was only to her partner, Scott, and I don't know what he had to say about it - if you want to know, I guess you'll have to tune into their show and watch it.

I'll send you some forks to poke into your eyes too, in case that's more of a tempting option.

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