Celebaby: Kate Silverton And Jennifer Garner

30 August 2011

celebaby30AugustKate Silverton

Back in June I told you about Kate Silverton's 'miracle' pregnancy - having been told she would probably never conceive children naturally, she began walking the IVF trail.

After four attempts there was still no success.

The baby Kate's currently carrying wasn't the result of a fifth round of IVF, he, or she, was naturally conceived; fantastic.

I can also tell you that thing are going well for Kate; she looks absolutely marvellous and, I'm sure, hasn't stopped smiling for the entire duration of her pregnancy so far.

"This baby is the closest it gets to a miracle for me. Mike and I resigned ourselves to being childless. We felt desperately sad about it but, as a positive person, my philosophy was that everyone faces challenges in life, and very often much worse than ours."

Kate has also admitted that she still carries the pregnancy test that revealed the positive result around with her, "When the control line turned blue, I thought it was fate mocking me. But then the second line turned blue, too. I stared at it in disbelief. That was the start of this new life. I still carry the test around in my handbag with me."

Kate's baby is due in October.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their third child.

One of the nicest, and most stable and down to earth it seems to me, couples in Hollywood already have two daughters - Violet, five, and Seraphina, two - announced the news late last week.

There aren't any specifics on dates yet, but it's thought that Jennifer is in the second trimester.

Back in May, pregnancy rumours were denied - maybe she was then, maybe she wasn't but she is now and all eyes will be on her from now until the new Garner-Affleck baby steals the spotlight.

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