Celebaby: Granny Patsy And Mummy Pink (Almost)

16 April 2011

celebaby16AprilPatsy Kensit is set to become a grandmother at the tender age of 43. HA! I can beat that, I'm techincally a 'granny' at just 37. Yes, I do get called 'Granny Sarah' and feel free to stop sniggering any time you like!  And Pink is due any day now.

Patsy Kensit

Patsy's family tree can be a bit tricky to follow and reads a bit like Who's Who.

She used to be married to Jim Kerr of Simple Minds fame - if you're below a certain age you won't have a clue who they were, just Google Alive and Kicking for one of their greatest songs - and HE used to be married to Chrissie Hyndes (if you'd never heard of Simple Minds then you'll have to Google Chrissie Hyndes too, sheesh I'm feeling old now!).

Jim Kerr and Chrissie Hyndes had a daughter called Yasmin - Patsy's step-daughter - who's expecting twins later this year, hence Granny Patsy and even though she got divorced from Jim in the early 90s she's maintained a close relationship with Yasmin.


Ohhh the final days of pregnancy are tough, it gets to the stage where waddling around, feeling like a beached whale and being unable to touch your own toes, along with getting wedged in the bath goes beyond being tedious.

Pink has recently discovered the joys of that toe problem, she tweeted, "if someone would please help me with my pedicure, I can’t reach my toes!!!"

She's also been attending birthing classes with her husband and tweeted about that too, "what I learned tonight in baby class: the most helpful thing my man can do in early labour, is feed his partner. I like it already…"

It'll be interesting to see how she feels when in the full-blown labour.  Thinking back over my three forays into that arena, the LAST thing on my mind was food...afterwards, YES!  But during, NO!

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