Celebaby: Gav' Goes and Well-Heeled Suri Cruise

1 June 2010

Well today's Celebaby has me sat here musing on a number of things.  The first being, I'm glad I'm not a celebrity and secondly, is it just me that doesn't understand the whole £1M wardrobe that four year old Suri Cruise has....maybe there's nothing TO understand but it still raises questions in my mind.

Gav' Goes Galavanting

charlotteI know what relationship break-ups are like and I know what they're like when children are involved too - it's a horrendous time for all involved even if the split is as amicable and friendly as you can make it.

I can't imagine how Charlotte Church must be feeling just now:  Gav's (Gavin Henderson) done a runner to Benidorm with his mates, presumably to go and drown his sorrows in every single bar in town - according to a fellow traveller on the BMIBaby flight he looked a bit subdued....no, really?  Fancy that.  According to reports in the Daily Mail both Charlotte and Gavin are said to be distraught that their five year relationship has come to an end.

So not only has she been left holding their two babies - Ruby (2) and Dexter (1), but all this just six weeks after they announced their engagement on her 24th birthday AND having to contend with it being splashed all over the newspapers too.

At least when things take a turn for the worse for us mere mortals we can still go out and not have the entire world and his wife staring and whispering in corners, and the kiddies are tiny so hopefully won't be aware of, or understand, all the public fuss and finger-pointing.

Shame, my heart goes out to all involved here.

Suri Cruise and her £1m Wardrobe

suri1No not the actual wardrobe you put things in, but the current value of its contents!

HELLO!??  This child is FOUR YEARS OLD!!!  Tom Cruise was on the Oprah Winfrey show last month and he said, "Whatever she wants to wear, she wears it. .. She's got great taste too."  Apparently she's just strong-willed and knows what she wants.  Hey, I'm strong-willed and I'd like to drive a Lamborghini, doesn't mean my dad is going to go buy me one!!

Get this, Katie Holmes has commissioned Marc Jacobs (one of the supposed shoe Gods) to make Suri custom high-heeled shoes....SHE'S FOUR YEARS OLD!  What's wrong with a decent fitting pair of Clarkes?  Ok, I'm laughing at that myself but you get my point.  And there's now a plethora of mothers spending absolute fortunes on clothes for their kids - personalised and custom-made personalised Dior t-shirts and an annual clothing budget that could make a big dent in third-world debt.

The rhetorical questions raised in my mind are many; has the world gone completely mad? Just think of all the GOOD that could be done with Suri's £1m wardrobe instead; what's wrong with a pair of Cherokee jeans and a t-shirt from Tesco, or if you really want to go a bit upmarket....Marks and Sparks or Next?

I suppose there's nothing 'wrong' with it, it's their money and people have the right to do what they like with it.  But you know, if I had pots of cash I still don't think I'd spend thousands (or millions) of pounds on clothes for my kids when they're going to grow out of them in half an hour.

Horses for courses and all that I suppose and I guess I'm more of a fashion donkey-Blackpool-beach  type than a flighty thoroughbred-race-horse-fashion-victim- racehorse.

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  • Tamsin O.
    Personally I think that a child wearing high heel shoes is horrific. That photo makes me cry. Why can't she just be a little girl?
  • Lynley O.
    I found the photo upsetting too. Even if she did pick out her clothes herself, and kids do like to copy mum and dad so I'm not ruling it out, it just seems so disturbing. And sad really. Why would a kid have an outfit in their wardrobe that looks like it was designed for a 30 year old?
  • Mia
    I think Suri Cruise looks fab in that outfit/heels, i love it. Lets face it she's not like one of us, she's in the limelight and their parents will probably dress for effect. Love the jacket though... ;) I often have my daughters in red.
  • Nickie@Typecast
    The child will only pick out clothes that the parent buys for them in the first place. Mia - I cannot believe that you condone a child to be in "high heels" - dressing up at home for a few minutes is fine but here a child's feet and legs have been pushed into an un-natural position. The whole point of high-heels are to make the leg look more slender, toned and longer - a form of sexual behaviour. Why would you want to sexualize a child?
  • saf
    I think that tom and katie should really set some limits for their child. Its awful looking at a 4 year old like that. They should be in flat shoes, looking like they are having the time of their lives. Not in an outfit that's for adults. they should be setting examples for the 'non celebs' and showing us good parenting. God knows many of us need some good parent role models. And since most of us (not me) read the ins and outs of these celebs, we may learn something.
  • Nickie@Typecast
    Saf - you're so right! Having the world's media at your beck and call gives you so much power and they are choosing not to court it in the right way (imho). Can anyone tell me when they last saw a picture of Suri laughing - I mean REALLY laughing - not smiling at a pair of shoes on display or being passed a sparkling handbag? I know we're at the mercy of which pictures the media choose to share with us (even I'm not that naive) but not even one has filtered through of what I've mentioned :( And like Saf says above, many many parents look to zelebs (sic) for inspiration and example.
  • Michelle
    I believe Suri's wardrobe is a publicity stunt for the paparazzi and the publics benefit. After all they have the image of the most photographed child to uphold. I feel sorry for suri having to endure the horrible perverted sounding photogs yelling her name every where she goes. I thinks its selfish of her parents to subject her to that. Tom never subjected his other 2 kids like this. which has me wondering if its for their own personal fame.

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