Celebaby: The Breastapo

21 June 2011

celebabyBreastapoBrace yourselves for the potential hornet's nest about to be kicked open...

Both Myleene Klass  and Kym Marsh have spoken out in the press about breastfeeding and how the 'Breastapo' should be very careful about ramming their militant opinions and criticism down new mothers throats

Good for them!!! It's about time some high profile mothers said something.

I didn't breastfeed any of my children - I didn't WANT to! - and OHHH my goodness, to some people this was tantamount to child abuse and they took great pleasure, in sanctimonious and lecturing tones, to tell me so.

Kym Marsh was on the receiving end of such treatment just recently, on Twitter, for not breastfeeding her new daughter Polly; some so-called fans accused her of not doing so simply to protect her boob job.

"How dare they go on to a site and call me those names and judge me when they know nothing about the situation? I’m not going to have small-minded cowards that hide behind a computer question my dedication to my child. It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve read."

Kym's explained her reasons for not breastfeeding are because of insufficient milk production; I don't see why she should HAVE to explain, it's no one elses damn business!

Myleene has also stepped into the arguement.

Her second daughter, Hero, is 11 weeks old now and is being breastfeed; Myleene's take on it all is this...

"I breastfeed for my family, not to pacify the Breastapo.

I think people should be very careful when it comes to judging how others raise their children. Aren't we all just doing the best we can? Besides, you never know what a person's circumstances are."

Quite right!

It can work both ways though; women who continue to breastfeed their children for years often have to defend their right to do so, and can be called the most horrendous names.

This is just as bad in my opinion; how dare ANYONE criticise anyone else on this issue.  It's a deeply personal thing and there are enough parenting issues to feel guilty about without this being one of them.

Supporters of both sides of the arguement...you are now free to fire at will!

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