Celebaby: Breaking News - Duchess Of Cambridge Could Be Preggars!

5 November 2011

This is going to get boring VERY fast and it look longer than I thought, to be honest, but the media have whipped themselves up into a frenzy because Princess Catherine refused to try some peanut butter during her recent trip to UNICEF centre in Denmark with Prince William.

Buck' House officials have apparently stressed that she doesn't suffer from a peanut allergy, leading to the speculation that Catherine might be preggars as pregnant women are advised to avoid peanuts to prevent potential nut allergy development in their unborn babies.

It's been reported that she gave Prince William a 'knowing' look when he tried the peanut butter; how about this for a theory, she just can't stand peanut butter, knows William doesn't too (I'm speculating here, he may well love peanut butter!) and was looking at him thinking, "HAHAHAA!!! Poor you having to eat that disgusting stuff - the things you do in the name of duty, darling!"

I'm telling you, every time she holds a bouquet of flowers, or handbag, over her stomach there'll be another pregnancy rumour, and if I read about Prince William placing a 'protective hand on his wife's back - could it be that she's pregnant?!' story I think I'll go mad.

Let's face it, we know that part of her role is to provide an heir to the throne so there's bound to be a royal baby at some point; just chill, you crazy press people!

In Other News...

Eva Longoria has been getting up close and personal with Harper Beckham at an LA Galaxy match; she's definitely in the top running to be her godmother.  Other Beckham news this week - well, actually, it's more of a rumour (surprise, surprise) than factual news - is that Victoria may be designing a range of baby clothes.  I bet you won't be seeing it in Primark anytime soon though.

The whole Justin Bieber Baby story keeps getting more bizarre! It's come to light that Mariah Yeater, who is demanding Justin Bieber submits to a DNA test to prove paternity, accused an ex-boyfriend of being the father of the very same baby last year.  She filed a paternity claim against him and was subsequently arrested for criminal battery when he claims she slapped him, she pleaded 'not guilty'; California officials have also hinted that she will face enquiries about having committed statutory rape if the Bieber baby allegations prove to be true.

Personally I think there's more chance of NASA proving the moon is made of cheese!  In this case, I'm a Belieber!!!

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