Celebaby: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Expecting A Baby

7 October 2014

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Pregnant

So as celeb pregnancy announcements go, we reckon Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds should win some sort of award for the most hipster / enigmatic / quirky approach to telling the world that you're with child.

American actress Blake recently took a leaf out of Gwyneth Paltrow's book by setting up a website, Preserve - dedicated to um, we're not quite sure what - and this week she used the site to share a snap, taken by her brother, of her burgeoning baby bump.

The Daily Mail reports:

They've been married for two years and now Hollywood actors Blake Lively, 27, and Ryan Reynolds, 38, have confirmed they are expecting their first baby.

The gorgeous girl posted a variety of snaps of pregnant ladies via her website, before posting a lovely image of herself smiling down at her own blossoming bump.

Basking in a pretty sunlight, the actress wore a vintage style floral dress in a snap which was lovingly taken by her brother, Eric.

Along with the pic, Blake wrote:

Preserve at its core is about family. Family is the single word our founder, Blake built this home on.

We have something for men, for women, for the old, but we realized, we don’t have anything for the new.

With family on our mind, we looked to the origin of it all—to the women in our lives who are right there, at that special moment; at the creation of family.

Today we celebrate them. With food to fill their tummies (as if that needs more filling), presents to soothe their tired (and swollen) soles, toys to warm their baby’s souls, projects to provoke them, and decorations to inspire creativity and merriment in all.

We had too much fun with this. Because there’s so much to share, we break up our first ever Preserve Celebration into multiple parts.

In the upcoming days we will bring even more treats and fun. The entire next month will be sprinkled with highlights for women in this exciting chapter of their lives.

Congratulations to all the expecting mothers out there. And thank you for being a part of our Preserve family.

Okay then! Lovely news. Can't wait to see how they announce the little one's arrival in nine months' time...

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