Celebaby: Bits and Pieces

26 January 2013

There's nothing really juicy going on in the Celebaby world that's worth writing about in any detail.

Charlie Sheen is going to become a grandfather for the first time; his 28-year-old daughter, Cassandra, and her husband are expecting their first child later on this year (obviously, but there's nothing more specific than that yet) and here's what Charlie had to say about it, when he was speaking to David Letterman:

"Me as a grandfather, Dave... I don't know. It's like the world's going to crack in half!  It's fabulous, it's just not a title I'm ready to adopt."

Kai Rooney has quit his dummy habit - Coleen tweeted about it a few days ago, writing:

"Yay!!! One week without a dummy!! Gone forever now..... Well done Kai. X"

It's the small victories that make the parental world go round you know, and saying goodbye to dummies is always one of those small BIG wins!

There's still no word on what Adele's baby is called - and I wouldn't hold out for any, anytime soon.  However!  She did set the rumour mill alight the other day, when she stepped out in public wearing a necklace which featured the name 'Angelo'.

If that is his name and if she has let his name slip out into the public domain by accident, then she's going to be MIFFED!  Either that, or she did it on purpose, OR Angelo isn't his name at all and she's having a jolly good laugh at the rumour mil's expense (and I'm all for that!)

And finally, Katie Price has got married again (*yawn*); Peter's not happy - he's worried about the example it's setting to the kids (*yawn*); and Jodie Marsh says that Jordan's new stripper husband (classy!) tried to 'get' her first before moving onto Katie (*BIGGER YAWN!!*)

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