Celebaby: Birth Will Be Bigger Than Beyonce's

29 March 2012

Talk about buying into your own press and celebrity status - Jessica Simpson (not due apparently until the middle of April now!) has reportedly spent a whopping $2M on her impending birth!

Even Beyonce, with her epic delivery production, only managed to spend $1.3M; so how's she done it?

Well, Jessica has spent $500,000 on a private maternity wing (not just a room, but an entire wing) and has, apparently, turned it into a fortress to rival that of Fort Knox.  The rest has been spent on hiring 30 armed security guards to guard her and the baby 24 hours a day, seven days a week because she's (supposedly) absolutely terrified of kidnapping!

I can also tell you the name of the yet-to-be-born Miss Simpson (or most likely Miss Johnson, actually) - she's going to be called Maxwell...*cue the tumbleweed and blank stares*

Yep, Maxwell - although she'll be referred to as Maxi.  Maxwell is Jessica's fiance's  middle name and also his grandmother's maiden name - at least she's not been named after the only style of dress her mother can fit into now, I suppose that's something.

Megan Fox

There are unconfirmed reports that Megan Fox is expecting, although at this stage we only have the words from one of those 'sources' to go on.

"They just found out and are incredibly excited," said the source. "It's still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members."

How nice of one, or more maybe, of those close friends and family members to be shouting their mouths off to the press - I bet Megan's thrilled, she doesn't need much of an excuse to look moody as it is!

We'll watch this space and let you know.

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