Celebaby: Baby Joy For Jordan

2 March 2013

Somehow, the news that Katie Price is pregnant with her fourth child, to her third husband, to whom she's only been married for about half an hour, had managed to escape me until this morning.

I almost wish it had continued not to be on my radar because it just makes me despair. I swear, she's properly off her rocker and just isn't the sort of role model I'd want anyone aspiring to - and there are plenty of young girls who DO!

It's no secret that she's wanted another baby - she was at it like a rabbit with ex-husband Alex Reid for a while, before it all fell apart and he dashed off to have a baby with Chantelle.  Leandro whatsisname had a very narrow escape, after their engagement was called off.

Then lo-and-behold she's dating some other poor mug (who, I'm sure loves Katie's bank balance, as much as he claims to love her), gets married to him after just one month because a psycho psychic once told her she'd marry someone called 'Kevin' ( this dude's name is 'Keiran', "...it's close enough!" Katie said.) and now she's preggars with his child.

Apparently they're both in shock, but over the moon.  Hmmm, in shock huh, I rather doubt it! What would be more shocking is the new Mrs Hayler actually behaving like a patient grown up, rather than an impulsive and petulant teenager, but I guess that sort of behaviour doesn't keep you in the papers, does it! 

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