Celebaby: Baby Brook

2 April 2011

celebabyKellyBrookKelly has only been going out with Thom Evans since November last year - he was a rugby player in case you were wondering who he is - so it came as a bit of a surprise to everyone when she announced, on her Twitter page (where else!), that they were expecting...

"Thom and I are happy to announce we are expecting a baby girl. We are delighted XXXX"

Friends and family have been keeping the baby secret under wraps for a couple of months.  Thom and his brother Max (who still plays rugby for Scotland) are Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans' cousins.

Chris said that they've all been keeping it a secret for sometime.  Another person who's not spilled the beans is Kelly's ex Danny Cipriani (he also plays rugby), she apparently told him in January...

"Kelly told me in January that she was expecting. I’m really happy for her - she will be a great mum."

Isn't that nice? BUT those good old pals are telling a different story and there are reports that Danny is heartbroken and devestated by the news.

Apparently they spent some together over Christmas (they had previously been together for two years) and when Kelly originally told him she was pregnant, he thought it might be his.

But Kelly told him that there was no way it could be his and that the baby was Thom's.

"This is so painful for Danny, everything has happened so quickly. He and Kelly spent time together in the week before Christmas, then he found out in January that she was pregnant with Thom’s child. The poor guy is in pieces."

Shame, poor Danny I feel for him; but GREAT news for Kelly and Thom.

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