Ban Comes Into Force For Smoking In Cars Carrying Kids

10 November 2014


Smoking in cars

From next month the wheels will be in motion to make it illegal to smoke in a car carrying kids.

The law will be changed from October, and the ban is expected to be brought into effect from October 2015.

It will apply to anyone carrying children in a car - not just parents.

Under the new plans, it will be illegal to light up in a car in England, and those who who do may be slapped with a £60 fine or five points on their licence.

What's more, drivers who don't take ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent others from smoking in their vehicle may be fined as much as £10,000, with a maximum fine of £800 fine for the smoker.

According to the Daily Mail, the fumes from cigarette smoke are "11 times more concentrated" than smoking in an open space, and 300,000 children a year visit GPs in England every year with problems linked to second-hand smoke.

I can't imagine anyone I know thinking it's ok to smoke in a vehicle when kids are passengers, but as a non-smoker, maybe I'm a bit naive.

What do you think? Do you welcome the new ban or, like me, are you surprised that it even needs to be brought into effect?

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