Abbey Clancey Poses For Beautiful Bare Bump Shoot

Abby Clancey

Heavily pregnant Abby Clancy, who is expecting her second baby with husband Peter Crouch any day now, has stripped off for a series of naked bump pics. They're vaguely reminiscent of Demi Moore's famous pregnant shoot for Vanity Fair, as the Daily Mail points out.

She shared a sneak peak of the pics on her Twitter page, along with a snap from her recent baby shower, which appeared to feature semi-naked waiters. Which got me wondering - no, not whether you've ever been waited on by semi-naked men - but how you feel about bare bump portraits?

Speaking personally, I always felt way too self-conscious about my stretch marks during pregnancy to even contemplate posing for bump pics, never mind stripping off for a bare bump shoot. But I have a few friends who've documented their pregnancies with a shoot like Abbey's, and the pics are truly remarkable.

Naked or not, I definitely regret not taking more pictures of my bumps during each of my pregnancies. I think I have a snap of me during each pregnancy but that's about it - none of those artistic galleries documenting each month along the way, sadly.

I also think pics from a bump shoot must be a lovely thing to look back on once your 'babies' have all grown up and flown the nest. What a lovely way to document a fleeting moment in your life as a Mama.

Did you pose for a bump shoot during your pregnancy? If so we'd love to hear about your experience over on our Facebook page.



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