Kids Freebie: Free Personalised Santa Letter

11 December 2012

This website, Free Letters From Santa Claus is really cute and has some lovely Santa letters to print out for free, so don’t be put off by the odd layout and Google ads peppering the pages. They can be easily ignored in favour of the lovely freebies.

The letters can be downloaded, personalised and printed in only a few easy steps. All you need is the patience to scroll through the different letters to find the one you like the most, and then you’re off. The letter is automatically filled in for you and it’s enormous fun deciding what you want to say and what you would like to reward your child for doing.

There are five free letter templates, each one saying things in a different way, and then five different designs you can use including light blue, pink, dark blue, red or green. The letters are adorable and an absolutely lovely idea to slip under the tree this year.

Thanks to ashleyandrhiannon at HUKD!

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