Spotty Print Changing Bag £3.98 @ Tesco

20 March 2011

Nappy Bag

The Spotty Print Changing Bag at Tesco is only £3.98, which is a £6.01 saving.

I've always been really surprised at the cost of nappy bags – with few of the nicer ones retailing for less than £100. So this bag at £3.98 is a pretty good price.

We have a small nappy bag – big enough for two reusable nappies (so about six disposables), wet wipes, a change of clothes, a few snacks and my camera, phone and money. If we're only going out for a couple of hours, that's really all we need! I hated lugging a massive bag around with me.

This Spotty bag is smaller than your average new born's nappy bag, which really just means that it's for those mums who've figured out that they don't actually need the kitchen sink every time they leave the house.
If you're the same you'll love this one, I think. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and easy wipe clean lining. It comes with a changing mat and a messy bag (I'm guessing that's a wet bag, really).

Most of the reviewers who didn't like it said it was too small, one even bought it for his daughter's doll pram (which she loved). Another pointed out that it was a good bag for breastfeeding mums as you don't need space for all the bottle feeding paraphernalia.

Good points for it included that its pattern is suitable for men and women to carry, and that it's fashionable, easy to clean and lightweight.

Overall, for the price, it looks an excellent deal to me, and received 8.2 out of 10 from the reviewers.


  • magicbeans
    LAME! sorry but just cos u got a kid shouldnt mean u get an ugly changing bag!! not saying u should spend tons on a bag but get one with a bit of style....gonna be using it loads!!
  • amy l.
    I like it! I hate the cupcake and cloud bags and my partner refuses to carry one. This he wouldn't mind. I also don't think having a child means you have to be a pack horse so this is ideal! Thanks!

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