Andrew Barton New Shampoo And Conditioner Ranges Review

25 July 2012

I love all things hair.  It doesn't matter to me whether it's shampoo, conditioner, hair repair masques or hot oils, hairsprays, serums to make your hair straight or 'stuff' to make curls super curly - I love it ALL!

So when we were called up and asked if we'd like to review a couple of Andrew Barton's new shampoos and conditioners, available exclusively to Asda, no one else was going to get a look in - they were MINE!

I should say that I only got excited by them because they were something 'hair' - I had no clue who Andrew Barton was/is and was rather taken aback when my mum said, "Ooooh, Andrew Barton!"

How did she know who Andrew Barton was and I didn't?!  A quick Google revealed the answer - he's a hairdresser to various stars, such as Eva Longoria, and is also the resident hair expert on the TV show 10 Years Younger; I've never watched 10 years Younger.

If you want him to cut your hair for you, you're going to have to plan ahead because he's always booked up at least six months in advance - on the bright side, this will give you a chance to save up the £350 it will cost you.

I think I'll dip my toe in the Andrew Barton water with his shampoos and conditioners for now...

Andrew Barton Orange Blossom and Ginseng Energiser Shampoo and Conditioner

Are you like me when it comes to shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions and potions?  The first thing I always do is take the lid off to smell what it's like.

The smell of something that I'm going to put on my hair, or skin, is important to me - it's going to be under my nose all day, so I want it to be something I like.

I had high hopes for the Orange Blossom and Ginseng Energiser Shampoo; I was expecting something sweet and orangey, something reminiscent of the centres of expensive orange chocolates, or an orange-come-cinnamon Christmas type of something.

What I wasn't expecting was bitter orange, very bitter orange.  It really wasn't my olifactory cup of tea, but my daughter sniffed it and liked it - she eloquently described it as smelling, "Yum!"

I tried this shampoo and conditioner the day it arrived and there are couple of points I want to make very clear...

1) It's very good at cleaning your hair

Now, I know this sounds like a strange thing to say but I'd not washed my hair for a couple of days AND there was a lot of mousse, frizz taming serum and hairspray on it.

Sometimes when your hair is really heavy with general dirt, grime and product, lesser shampoos can take a few goes to cut through it all - the Andrew Barton Orange Blossom and Ginseng Energiser Shampoo cut straight to the clean chase; quite impressive.

2) The smell is seriously strong

Please, please, please - smell this shampoo and conditioner BEFORE you buy it.  After washing and conditioning my hair, all I could smell was bitter orange; after drying my hair (which involves mousse and various wild frizz taming accoutrements) all I could smell was bitter orange.  Hours later, all I could smell was bitter orange - I'm sure you get the picture!

Now this is gong to be fantastic if you love the smell of Andrew Barton's Orange Blossom and Ginseng Energiser Shampoo and Conditioner; if you don't, like I didn't, then this isn't going to be fantastic at ALL.

It's the orange flower extract that makes it clean your hair so efficiently.  It has, and I quote directly from the back of the bottle, "a unique microcirculation action to ensure hair is refreshed and the scalp invigorated."  - I can attest to that.

Ginseng supplies Vitamin A, B6 and Zinc which, it's claimed, helps to make your hair stronger and energised - I'm not really sure what energised hair feels like, but it certainly felt good afterwards.

If you want another plus point for the Andrew Barton Orange Blossom and Ginseng Energiser Shampoo and Conditioner, it's paraben free.

Pros, cons and overall points

Pros: cleans and conditions your hair amazingly well, leaves it feeling fabulous afterwards and whilst it's not the cheapest hair care you'll buy, it's not the most expensive either and a little goes a long way, the smell is very strong and lingers for a very long time - great if you like the smell

Cons: the smell is very strong and lingers for a very long time - bad news if you don't like the smell.

Overall score: 8 out of 10 (because I don't like the smell - if I had, I'd have given it a 9 out of 10)

Andrew Barton Colour PROtect Shampoo and Conditioner

I fell in love with the new Andrew Barton Colour PROtect Shampoo and Conditioner the moment I opened it and breathed in, because it smells like Butterscotch Angel Delight and I LOVE THAT!

I also colour my hair - thanks to combined genetics from my mother and paternal grandmother, I have far too much grey for my liking, plus my natural dark brown is a bit 'boring'.

My hair also grows REALLY fast; good news if you want to grow it, bad news when you really could do with dying your hair every three weeks rather than six.

I'm going through a vivid hair colour phase at the moment and even with all their anti-fade, chromatic technology (bla bla bla) I want to try and keep my colour bright for as long as possible, so it's shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair all the way for me.

My hair takes such a beating (I'm surprised it hasn't filed an abuse complaint yet) what with colouring at least every six weeks, followed by being blasted by the hair dryer and then either dragged through straighteners or wrap around hot tongs!

It needs a shampoo and conditioner that will love it and care for it, keep it's colour vibrant for longer, cleans it well, makes it feel lovely and soft AND, I demand something that smells lovely.

Andrew Barton's Colour PROtect shampoo and conditioner ticked ALL those boxes for me - I am a very happy hair abuser.  The smell really did it for me, it's just that scrummy smelling you just want to keep sniffing your hair and, if at all possible, persuade other people to smell it too.

Its key ingredients are: Argan Oil and White Willow Extract - if that's what's making it smell like butterscotch then please can more things contain these two things!

Andrew Barton's Colour PROtect shampoo and conditioner didn't leave my hair feeling heavy and 'greasy' either, which some colour dedicated shampoo and conditioners can and whilst I can't necessarily say that it kept my colour brighter for longer, I can say it didn't fade any quicker than usual.

All in all it was perfect, for me, in every way!

Pros, cons and overall points

Pros: cleans and conditions brilliantly well, leaves your hair feeling fabulous and again, whilst it's not cheap it's worth it.  The smell isn't as strong as the Orange Blossom and Ginseng shampoo it still lingers for a very long time - once again, great if you like the smell, which I DO!

Cons: the only con is going to be if you don't like the smell of Butterscotch Angel Delight.

Overall score: 9 out of 10 (because I LOVE the smell - if I didn't, it would have got an 8 out of 10).

And finally...

The Colour PROtect shampoo retails for £3.99 for 400ml and the conditioner, £3.99 for 250ml (WHY do conditioners always come in smaller quantities?

I have long hair and need MORE of it, not less!) which isn't at the cheapest end of the scale, but isn't the most expensive either - it's pretty much middle of the road and I'd happily pay that price for its smell alone.

The Orange Blossom and Ginseng shampoo and conditioner retail for £2.99 each, again, for both 400ml and 250ml respectively.

Both these ranges are very new, they were only released on 15 July and being added to the Asda website as I type - well, maybe not RIGHT now, but they'll be available online soon.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled in-store - this also has the added advantage of actually being able to 'sniff before you buy'; a MUST with the Orange Blossom and Ginseng varieties.

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