The Bungee Band Review

I have been going through a really funky hairdo stage with my daughter lately and so when I saw the new Bungee Bands on sale at Tesco I figured they were worth a shot. These hair bands are designed specifically for the pony tail. You can use it in other ways, but it really does shine in that particular style.

The Bungee Bands are simply elastic strips with hooks on each end that you wind around the hair and then secure by hooking the ends together. I played around with one quite extensively. I pulled it, stretched it, hooked it to doors and tugged, and it’s one seriously robust hairband!

Considering how quickly hair bands can pop out of their metal endings, I think that’s a tick in the positive box for these odd Bungee Bands.

According to the instructions given by the designer of the Bungee Bands, Leo Bancroft, you have to, “Start by creating a ponytail, hold with one hand and use your other to secure one hook to the ponytail. Wrap the bungee cord around the top of the ponytail and continue until the elastic is taut and then secure the free hook in your hair.

Right. I tried that and with my daughter’s fine, curly hair, those hooks just fell out as if I’d attached them to thin air. Then I tried them in my hair and found marginally more success. I have to say that these just didn’t work for me at all.

However, using the hooks on one another - holding one hook in your hand and then wrapping the cord until tight and then hooking the ends – was fine. I wished I had more arms, but it was fine.

The negatives are that I think they are a bit gimmicky and don’t really work as described. The positives outweigh this, though, as the huge plus is that my daughter’s fine, curly hair always gets caught in her hair bands and with these, I don’t spend ages trying to detangle her hair to get them out. Now, that’s worth every cent of the £3.50 to me.

You can find them at Tesco instore only at the moment, they will be appearing online in June sometime.

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