Tom And Jerry Collector’s Edition £4.99 @ Amazon

30 June 2010

tom The classic cartoon series that every kid loves is now out in a collector’s edition and Amazon are selling it for the stupidly low price of £4.99 including free delivery. Wahey! This daft duo is bound to enchant kids as much today as they did in mine (can’t believe I am actually saying things like “in my day”).

The set includes volumes one and two of Tom and Jerry and each cartoon is an artistic masterpiece. Yes, a masterpiece. It has that original flavour and innocence that modern cartoons seem to have abandoned in favour of technology, and is still remarkably clever and sassy.

Adults will enjoy reminiscing as they watch and kids will be entranced. It has received incredibly positive reviews on Amaztom2on, all the reviewers rating it five out of five stars. Also, thanks to this deal and some others on Amazon, you can get volumes three and four for £6.99 or the Looney Tunes All Stars Collection for only £3.49.

If you don’t fancy it for yourself, then stick this into your present cupboard because it will be a complete winner for someone else.

Thanks to susanne at HUKD!

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