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sexCity1 I thought I'd kick off this week with something a  little different; something for the girls - the grown-up girls - among us, and before you lads get all offended, I'll see if I can't find something for you too.

Pregnancy seem to be dragging on FOREVER?  The baby won't stop crying? Your toddler has been on the rampage since 5am?  The teenager/s are even more alien today than yesterday? And to top it off it's only 9am on Monday morning!

Mondays are like marmite - you either love 'em or you hate 'em; personally I'm a Monday lover, but if you're a Monday hater then chances are you are already longing for some sort of escapeism.

sexCity2I always found Sex and the City the perfect antidote to all of the above and if you have never watched it then I urge you to remedy this tragedy right away!  Based around 4 strong female characters - Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha -  each episode has all the ingredients to whisk you away for half an hour at a time  into a world of girly fashion, love, laughter  and friendship.

Slashed from £99.99 to just £35.89, with free postage too, every single episode is here for you to indulge in when the kids have gone to bed:  peace and quiet after a crazy day, pyjamas, hot chocolate, Sex and the City = the perfect cure for Mondays!

Happy Monday morning!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!

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