In the Night Garden: Hello Everybody! Box Set £9.97 @ Amazon

27 September 2010

intng1 Now you can have Iggle Piggle and Maka Paka on demand with this 4-disc In the Night Garden: Hello Everybody! DVD box set.

It took me a g e s to get my head around In the Night Garden.  I just didn't get it!

I was expecting dusk type lighting and calm, quiet stories that would be restful and relaxing for little children to watch before bedtime.

But what did we get?  BRIGHT colours, broad daylight and crazy frenzied capers from Iggle Piggle, Upsey Daisy (they are SO girlfriend and boyfriend, I don't care what anyone says!), Maka Paka and the Tombliboos.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about then you need to experience the utter weirdness that is In the Night Garden; it's either been written by absolute geniuses who's cleverness with kids programming is THAT good that it goes right over my head, OR they are just completely bonkers - perhaps it's a bit of both.

iggle-piggleThis 4-disc In the Night Garden DVD box set has a WHOPPING 560 minutes of delicious time with all your favourite characters - that's over nine hours! - and has been reduced from a fairly hefty £22.99 to a much nicer £9.97.

Free delivery, and all that malarky, with the SuperSaver deal too!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!

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