How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1&2 £10.99 @ HMV

How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1&2 £10.99 @ HMV


This is a fantastic show. I haven’t seen it from the beginning, I’ve only managed to catch an episode here and there, but what I’ve seen has been pretty darn funny. This is wry, dry and clever entertainment that doesn’t fall prey to the usual US slush. It’s only £10.99 for both seasons 1 and 2, which is a fabulous deal from HMV

Buying the boxsets will also get you 1099 purehmv points (if you happen to be a collector of such things, and will also be delivered to your door for absolutely no cost at all.

This series has the main character, Bob Saget, recounting to his children how he met their mother. He narrates from the year 2030 and it offers you some fantastically clever and funny moments.

There is quite an interesting history about the show and how it came about on Wikipedia. I enjoyed reading that almost as much as I’ve enjoyed some parts of the show!

Thanks to andythurston at HUKD


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