Mr Men & Little Miss Handwarmers £2.49 @ Play

18 August 2010

naughty This morning, where I am in the world at the moment, it was two degrees and I really could have done with these Mr Men and Little Miss handwarmers!

By all accounts the weather in the UK isn't so hot right now either and, before we know it, chilly early morning walks into school will be upon us.

Having cold hands is miserable - in fact, being cold at all is miserable - and being able to plunge your hands into warm pockets just makes everything seem a little better.

These Mr Men and Little Miss handwarmers will do an excellent job of keeping little fingers toasty and warm, and they are kind of fun too. 

If you haven't come across this sort of thing before then let me explain how they work.  The handwarmer is filled with 'stuff' and a metal disc, when you 'snap' the disc it causes some sort of reaction and the 'stuff' generates heat for about 30 minutes.

When it's done the handwarmer will be solid and all you need to do to reset it, is put it in a pan of simmering water for about five minutes to 'melt' the 'stuff' again.

funnyOk, so maybe you're not totally blown away by my scientific explantion, perhaps you'll be more impressed with the price as Play have reduced these Mr Men and Little Miss handwarmers down from £5.99 to £2.49.

Although,  Little Miss Chatterbox is £2.59 and Little Miss Sunshine is £3.99 - I don't know why they should be different, they just are.

Thanks to leeds_united_afc over at HUKD!

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