Looney Tunes Golden Collection £6.47 @ Amazon


Remember the old Looney Tunes episodes? Remember seeing them before the main feature when you went to the movies? Well, now you can relive those golden moments and share them with your kids for only £6.47 at Amazon, including free delivery. Awesome.

The Looney Tunes Golden Collection includes four discs and has been marked down from the usual RRP of £40.99 to only £6.47. That is a whopping saving of £34.52 and it is packed with awesome episodes from the classic animated characters.

My person favourite was always the poor wolf who was abused by the nasty Road Runner. You also get the Best of Bugs Bunny on disc 1 including 14 cartoons and loads of extras. Disc 2 has the best of Daffy and Porky and also includes 14 cartoons and extras.

Discs 3 and 4 boast Looney Tunes All Starts with Elmer, Bugs and Proky, among others. This is a genius kit that would make an amazing present for other kids, or even yourself. Classic cartoons at their absolute best. I must buy it now!

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!


  • Neil
    Uhm, wasn't Wile E Coyote a coyote?
  • Lynley O.
    He does look a little bit wolf like though. We watch these cartoons now with son (five and a half) on Boomerang. He loves them! His favourites are Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther and the Road Runner ones.

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