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4 June 2010

thomas1 "Peeep Peeeeeeep! Happy Friday everyone!" says Thomas

Ok so Thomas didn't wish you a happy Friday, but I did - Happy Friday everyone! - and it will be a GREAT Friday for any of our Thomas mad PlayPennies youngsters if their lovely parents buy this for them (that's you by the way *grin*).

I wonder if Thomas the Tank Engine's popularity will EVER fade...?  Did you know that the Rev W Awdry first told his three-year-old son, Christopher, a story about steam engines that could talk way back in 1942?  That effectively makes Thomas 68 years old...I think he's probably here to stay, don't you!

This Load n Go Thomas looks fab.  It's nice and simple and if I know kids aged 18 months or more (which I do)  it will provide hours of entertainment, even though to us grown-ups it doesn't appear to really do very much.

thomas2So, basically, you have Thomas and Trevor; you pull back Trevor and then let him go, he drives towards Thomas and goes up the flat-bed trailer that Thomas is pulling.  As soon as Trevor is on board Thomas then drives off and takes them on an adventure.

The adventure is in the product blurb and it did make me chuckle, just think of all the rip-roaring adventures they're going to have driving across your lounge carpet!  But as I said, if you're around 18 months this is going to be awesome.

It's another half-price bargain from Play, being reduced from £11.99 down to £5.99!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD

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