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up If you haven't had the chance to watch this movie then do it now at this delightfully low price. Trust me, you'll be glad you own it once you've seen it because this movie is packed with the humour and insight we've come to expect from Pixar.

I must admit that I approached this movie with some trepidation. I had been warned by at least three other mums. Take tissues, the first ten minutes will decimate you. I wondered how on earth a movie that was getting such good reviews could possibly be any fun if it made you sob so early on. Nup52eedless to say, I packed a lot of tissues as I am a complete baby - I sobbed my way through The Time Traveller's Wife.

I love it when a movie has moments that I can carry on into my daily life, even when everybody else thinks I am bonkers. So, if you've seen it then you'll know this one - point! - and this one - squirrel!. This is an enchanting film that your kids will watch over and over again, making it well worth the cost of £12.95 for Blu-ray.

Thanks to jalaldevil at HUKD!

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