Disney Bluray DVD BOGOF @ Zavvi

disney2 OHHH I could just see my bank manager jumping for joy when I came across this deal

Bluray - it's the way foward and I keep forgetting that my laptop is Bluray compatible *sigh*

Bluray discs are usually more than a few quid more expensive than standard DVDs, and Disney DVDs of all flavours are massively overpriced (in my opinon) so imagine my delight when I read this deal this morning.

Here's the skinny: buy ONE Bluray Disney DVD (£17.85) and choose another one for FREE!  Yep, that's right - TWO Disney Bluray DVDs for £17.85; they're usually priced at way up in the high twenty pounds bracket so this is a brilliant deal, in my humble opinion!

disney3There is only one problem...well two actually, one is if you don't have a Bluray compatible DVD player but if you do, then choosing just two could be tricky although I'm sure Zavvi won't mind if you buy four...or six...or eight...

On my list would be the two classics - Dumbo and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  Then I'd have to go for Monsters Inc and the three Pirates of the Carribean movies followed up with both of the Toy Story adventures.  That's at least eight for me then...ooops!

There's no delivery to pay on these DVDs so you don't have to factor that into your viewing budget, all you need now is a big tub of popcorn!

Thanks to gratisaja over at HUKD!


  • Stuart M.
    Only £12 at Amazon.
  • Emma K.
    And out of stock Stuart ^^
  • ¬_¬
    Play Pennies fails again ¬__¬
  • Tamsin O.
    Actually, if you add up £12 and £12 you get £24. Here you get two for only £17 and that includes delivery. It is a better deal by far. PP did not fail. Again.

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