Button Moon Vol. 1 DVD £3.45 @ The Hut

7 August 2010

moon3 You have to be of a certain age to remember Button Moon.  The Hut (and Zavvi as it happens) has Volume 1 of this wonderful kiddies' programme on DVD for £3.45 rather than £9.79.

The theme tune to Button Moon is already going round and round in my head (it's an interesting combination with the latest Eminem song featuring Rhianna which is on the radio just now!) and warm feelings of nostalgia are washing over me.

moon1It was first shown on TV in 1980 and there were a staggering 91 episodes made - look out for the Button Moon box set later then!

If you aren't familiar with Button Moon, it's all about the Spoon family who live on Junk Planet.  They just happen to have a space ship in the back garden (which looks remarkably like a Heinz baked bean tin with a funnel plonked on the top) and Mr Spoon is a qualified astronaut, amazing!

Every day he flies to Button Moon with the rest of the Spoon family (Mrs Spoon and Tina) and he looks out across Blanket Sky with his telescope to see what he can see.

moon2By all accounts, watching Button Moon as a grown up is even better than it was as a kid as there's all sorts of subtle humour in it that went way over your head as a kid.

Sing a long now (I can't resist it any longer) "We're off to Button Moon....we'll follow Mr Spoon....Button Moooooon......Button Moon"

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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