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Mother’s Day may be over but the month of March is not, and here at PlayPennies we’re all about giving mum treats every single day of this month.  Here we have a range of Palmolive products that were sent to two lucky members of our Mum Panel for extreme testing and this is what they had to say...

Palmolive Aromatherapy Shower Milk Anti-Stress

antistressThe Palmolive Aromatherapy range is enriched with essential oils to help soften and revitilise skin while releasing gentle scents that are to relax you and make you feel special. Sarah and Jo received the anti-stress bottle with Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Lavender.

I tend to avoid lavender as it just reminds me of my great-great-grandmother’s clothes drawers, but this is just fabulous smelling,” said Sarah, “I’m not sure about anti-stress, this made me feel really sensual!”

I found that it instantly felt good and this was helped by the strong fragrance that wafted up as soon as I poured it into the bath,” said Jo.

Both the ladies felt that the product smelled fantastic and was very revitalising, smelling better than many other brands that they’ve tried in the past.

It was great for a quick freshen up of my bath but it did leave my skin feeling a little dry once I was out,” said Jo, “I also used a lot of the product at once, I wanted the smell to keep on coming.”

This bath foam sells for £1.95 which is a great price point for hours of lovely bath relaxing. However, Jo was quite adamant that her anti-stress one left her skin very dry whereas Sarah had no such complaints about hers. If you suffer from dry skin, perhaps go for the Sensual range instead.

Palmolive Naturals  Nourishing Shower Milk (Honey)

palmoliveshowermilkhoneyNext, the ladies got to review the Palmolive Naturals shower range in the lovely flavour of milk and honey. The crème is enriched with the natural properties of honey for deep skin nourishing and moisturising.

Once again this was a lovely smell with a smooth and creamy formula,” said Jo, “It instantly felt gentle on the skin, was easy to lather and was perfect for a quick shower.”

This was very sweet smelling and I felt wrapped up in soft, sweet honeyness after using it,” said Sarah, “It has a very definite almost baby powdery smell to it too, which I think lends to the ‘wrapped up’ feeling.”

Both Sarah and Jo were impressed with this product and both said they would happily keep using it once their test samples ran out.

This is far more moisturising than the Aromatherapy range,” said Jo, “This is the range for me. I’m addicted to applying the milk because of the fab smell and wonderful feel. It does a great job and performs well and I now use it every time I shower.”

This sells for a lovely £1.46 which is honestly a brilliant price for a product that has met with universal PlayPennies Mum Approval.

Palmolive Naturals Nourishing Shower Milk Sensitive (Almond)

sensitivealmondThis particular product has been designed for sensitive skins and is enriched with Almond extract to gently hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully soft.

This is smooth and easy to apply, just like the Honey one, but a sensitive version,” said Jo, “I was impressed with the product but didn’t see much difference between this one and the Honey one.”

This doesn’t smell as sweet as the other one but does smell remarkably like those Love Heart sweets I used to eat as a kid,” said Sarah, “I wasn’t so enamoured with this one. It does the job, though, it is lovely on the skin. I just don’t want to smell like sweets.”

I find this to be a nice product overall,” said Jo, “but I prefer the Honey version to this one. That one I would buy again and again but this one didn’t really appeal to me.”

There you have it, the honey Palmolive Naturals was a complete winner, trumping poor old almond to the finish line. It costs the same low price of £1.46 so why not give it a try, especially if you prefer a sweeter smell.

Palmolive Ultra Moisturising Bath Milk with Olive

bathmilkwitholiveThis bath milk contains a rich formula of olive extract and milk and is designed to rehydrate the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. Here’s what our ladies had to say...

The smell isn’t as strong as the other products and I would prefer it if the fragrance were a little stronger,” said Jo, “However, it was a very smooth and creamy formula that produced great bubbles.”

The olive bath milk is lovely,” said Sarah, “Very clean and fresh smelling and left me feeling the same. I must confess to using it as shower milk too. I can do that, right, because I am a free spirit and won’t be contained by the fact that it says Bath on the bottle.”

This is nice for more delicate skin,” said Jo, “It makes a lovely bubbly bath, which I love, but overall I did think it was a bit average compared to the others.”

Sarah’s final words really summed it up for us, “I am a smelly Palmolive ball of body butterdness and I am happy.”

This retails for £1.95.

And Finally

Overall the Palmolive range got a great rating from our mums. They felt that they were excellent value for money, that they smelled fantastic and that they would use them again. I have to admit that for those prices I am extremely impressed and am haring off to get some for myself.


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