Gone Digging Personalised Valentine's Gifts Review

1 February 2011

Gone Digging Valentines Gifts Personalised gifts. We had a big discussion about these in the PlayPennies office. At first we thought they were a bit of a cop out. But after a bit of discussion we began to rethink things. As Sarah pointed out, they're a way for time-starved parents to show their significant other that they had put some thought into the gift - after all you have to order these in advance, to get the name on the item.

Definitely preferable to grabbing something from a petrol station or Tesco Metro on the way home!

Are you paying though for the convenience, rather than getting a quality product? This is hard to tell, when you're buying online. Gone Digging is a website dedicated to personalised gifts. You're bound to find something to suit on here, the range is enormous. Who thought you could get personalised My Last Rolo - engraved in 24 carat gold? A bit expensive though at £49.99.

We got a range of more affordable, personalised gifts from Gone Digging to review, and gave them to PlayPennies mum (of two pre-teens) Caitlin to try out. Here's what she thought.

Gone Digging Personalised Chocolate BarsPersonalised Chocolate Bar

I really liked the packaging on the personalised chocolate bars. The first one had a silvery finish and the writing of the name was done in a very delicate and appealing font. The paper itself is a lovely quality and felt really scrummy opening up. I was very impressed with the overall look of this present. Very much so.

However, I didn’t find the chocolate itself that nice. My husband thought the chocolate was just fine, he said that it tasted quite scrummy, but for me it was just a little bit flat – not quite enough of the creamy for my taste.  We had a bar each so perhaps my bar was a dud? That said, we were both very impressed with the packaging. The bar that had been personalised for him was done in white with red hearts and messages on both the front and the back. It was 'masculine' enough in design to give to a guy without it being to sickly sweet and gooey.

Positives: Great personalisation options and good quality paper and wrapping that make it look utterly appealing

Negatives: For £5.99 I would have expected a slightly better quality of chocolate

Gone Digging Love book from me to youLove book from me to you

Each page of A Love Book From Me To You has a cute little message along with your chosen person’s name appearing on the different pages. The individual illustrations are REALLY cute. Only buy this for your partner if they like cuddly ickle bears and hearts - seriously.

The book itself is great quality and the different images very well done. The paper used is very high gloss and thick so it will last for ages. For £9.99 I would put this as a good value present thanks to the quality.

Positives: great quality paper, well illustrated, excellent use of the person’s name in the illustrations

Negatives: Man that’s sweet

Gone Digging Personalised CavaPersonalised Cava

Now this, I really liked. The Brut Cava came inside an utterly GORGEOUS red box that will be used for other things in the future. I wouldn’t have the heart to throw it away. It is a dry sparkling wine that doesn’t taste cheap and nasty, and doesn’t have that faintly chemical aftertaste that some brands deliver.

The engraving is also really cute. The name is engraved along with a lovely message on very good quality paper. I know it looks like my review is all about the paper, but a lot of effort has gone into making the materials used for personalisation on this site. They aren’t cheap and rubbish at all. This looks like a proper bottle of cava made for you by a rich, I dunno, Cava Baron? The box also included a gift card so you can write another message for the day. Overall, this was the winner for me and I was sold on both the presentation, packaging, price and taste.

Positives: Awesome red box that’s deliciously heavy and feels rich. The personalisation options are great and it looks lovely.

Negatives: Spending £24.99 is a lot of money for a bottle of cava even if it is personalised and in a red box BUT it IS an utterly lovely and unusual gift that will definitely make the recipient feel spoiled and loved. I recommend serving it with a scrummy dinner and a fire…

And Finally ...

Make sure you allow enough time for delivery. The personalised book will take five days to arrive. The chocolate bar takes three to four days. Allow three days for the cava.

Standard delivery charges on the site are £3.50. Or, if you spend more than £50, delivery is free.

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