'You Can't Come In Unless You Have Gin' Door Mat £5 @ Matalan

'You Can't Come In Unless You Have Gin' Door Mat £5 @ Matalan

Slogan door mats are one of the big trends for the home right now. They are fun but also really trendy.

If you want to be a part of this but don't want to spend a fortune for what is essentially something you wipe your muddy feet on, then check out this deal from Matalan!

You can get this slogan door mat for just a fiver at Matalan. It is new in so grab it now before it sells out!

It says 'You Can't Come In Unless You Have Gin'. I think this is the perfect doormat for me, I love a nice gin! I am also going to grab one for my Mum to give her on Mother's Day, she would love this!

Home delivery is £3.95 and becomes FREE on orders of £50 or more. Or you can Click and Collect your order for FREE to your local store.


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  • Chloe P.

    Most definitely one for you & x

    • Aimie H.

      I need this! What a bargain

      • Becky W.

        That's a bargain think I need one too it's all I drink lol u got me hooked x Shame your not out sat x

        • Aimie H.

          I no I wanna come ... mite change my mind

          • Becky W.

            get yourself out x

          • Terrie D.

            you should get this door mat xx

            • Jenny H.

              :joy::joy: I need this in my life!

              • Nicki A.

                I have a very similar one :grin:

                • Tracy S.

                  Awww well cool I will need to get one lol xxxx

                  • Claire S.

                    :heart:️need that or vodka lol x

                    • Sharon W.

                      :joy::joy: how very rude :kissing_smiling_eyes:

                      • Michelle J.

                        Definitely need one of these x

                        • Donna H.

                          It's like you can see me drinking gin just now :open_mouth::open_mouth: is big brother watching me :joy::joy:

                          • Róisín S.

                            Of course we can. New rule to enter :joy:

                            • Laura L.

                              :joy::joy::joy: love it!! Xxx

                              • Adelle W.

                                Plenty of gin, but running low on mixers :grimacing:

                                • Sophie G.

                                  Ahh :heart_eyes: I need this for the end of the month lol x

                                  • Sarah T.

                                    Brilliant! I actually have one similar...it says "knock knock, gin o'clock" lol x

                                    • Emma P.

                                      They sell these in Matalan lol x

                                      • Kirsty R.

                                        I so need this for my house x

                                        • Ellen D.

                                          Lmao that is defo my rule! 'Where's the gin!' Lol

                                          • Sally O.

                                            Hahaha I could do with this.

                                            • Jess M.

                                              Definitely need one of these :grin: