Wifi Bathroom Scales £119.99 @ Firebox.com

Wifi Bathroom Scales £119.99 @ Firebox.com

scalesIt was a close call for today's 'look what I found' random post...

...it was either these utterly bonkers bathroom scales or a toothbrush sanitiser, well I suppose I was consistent with a bathroom theme.

Right, so, basically these over-priced scales will give tell you how much you weigh, what your Body Mass Index is (which is a rubbish unit of measurement) and what your fat mass is (which scales like this can't accurately calculate anyway) but BUT that's not all my friends!

Weight for it (hur hur, I couldnt' resist!) it will then send all the data to your computer and/or your iPhone!  You can use it with iPhone apps like Runkeeper (I have that - it's an ace little app) or you can SHARE your results by email, twitter and facebook, although why on earth you'd want to it totally beyond me.

These scales are too funny - if you really want to know how much of you is fat, muscle, bone, water etc then you're going to have to go and be poked, prodded, pinched and dunked in a tank of water...wifi scales in your bathroom...?  I reckon they'll be collecting dust within a month!

scales2It has a 5 star rating over at Firebox with 34 people giving it a massive thumbs up and not being one to foist my opinion on others, I figured I'd throw it out there and see what you think.

If you've podgy dad-belly syndrome or you're desperately trying to dump those post-pregnancy pounds do you think these scales would help you or just send you running to the nearest dunkin' donut to soothe the 'pain'...?  And should you decide that these scales are the best thing since sliced-wholegrain-low-glycemic-index bread and click that order button then please do let us know how you get on!


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