Vax PowerMax Carpet Washer 500W £20 Delivered @ Robert Dyas (Expired)

Vax PowerMax Carpet Washer £20

I have been after a Carpet Cleaner for a while, so I am delighted to have found this Vax PowerMax Carpet Washer 500W for just £20 delivered at Robert Dyas. The very same model is £68 on Amazon! Grab one now if you want one, because these will sell out!

The Vax PowerMax Carpet Washer 500W has a wide 24cm stainless steel cleaning nozzle, so it does the job rapidly.

It's lightweight, weighing just 5.7kg. Plus, it also has an extra long cable, meaning you can get about the house without having to unplug it every two minutes.

Ideal for giving the carpets a freshen up before Christmas time.

Delivery is FREE on the Vax PowerMax Carpet Washer 500W!

Thanks to andy66668

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  • Claire M.

    might might be woth us investing in one?

  • Nikki R.

    maybe we should just do the carpets ourselves xxxxxx

  • Catherine W.

    could save you a fortune with muddy paw prints x

    • Natalie D.

      Thank you I’ll show nick xx

  • Sarah M.

    Out of stock already, I tried hitting checkout, but it says no items in basket

    • Sarah M.

      Tried again and got through, but they won't deliver to Northern Ireland, it's not like it the outter Hebrides!!! :rage:

    • Victoria M.

      Try again because I just got one :blush:

    • Sarah M.

      I did try again, but they won't deliver to NI:cry:

    • Laura F.

      Go and retry as it let me go through and pay xx

  • Sarah M.

    No delivery to Northern Ireland folks

  • David B.

    wont let you add it to basket

    • Kelly G.

      It's a pricing error someone phoned this morning xx

  • Leanne L.

    Out of stock already I think xx

  • Heather F.

    Cheap enough looks the business

  • Sarah D.

    won't let me add to basket:(

  • Geraldine G.

    Says it's in stock but it won't let me add any to my basket :open_mouth:

  • Luke R.

    Think I'd need more like the Henry kinda one hun xx

  • Emma K.

    Adds it then takes it away

  • Sheena W.

    That’s mega cheap!!! Xx

  • Jolynne-Charlotte G.

    Might be sold out then :thinking: Keep trying! X

  • Charlotte E.

    Wont work adds item to basket but says £0 then when u open the basket its empty

  • Laura H.

    I’ve just ordered one so hopefully will be a good one x

  • Lisa C.

    Damn sold out as won't let me add to basket

  • Susan A.

    ****just called robert dyas to order over the phone..... this is a pricing error which is why no one can order it..... apparently being taken from the website and re done today..... pricing error was picked up at 10am this morning ****

  • Adele W.

    No wonder coz it's crap don't bother!

  • Natalie L.

    This machines rubbish just so yall know

  • Sean H.

    If it was Hoover I’d snap that up x

  • Luke E.

    Apparently a typo. People are saying it’s not very good either x

  • Margaret G.

    Out of stock and a pricing error on the website I tried all morning to get one and website wasn't working right so I phoned and they said it's no longer available as it was a pricing falt

  • Debi L.

    Currently out of stock lol x

  • Amy J.

    Pricing error apparently :thumbsdown:

  • Allison C.

    says out of stick when u add to basket

  • Max S.

    Bought one a few months ago in Argos for £225. Mind you it does work with cream carpets and a dog that loves mud!!!

  • Louise L.

    Looks good. I’ll look at reviews about the suction as the one at the mo is really weak. :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Tanya C.

    I actually need a carpet cleaner :joy:

  • Debi L.

    Everyone saying it's a mistake on the website lol xx

  • Kirsty A.

    Order been cancelled and a 20 percent off voucher issued :weary::weary::weary:

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