Unicorn Rug From £29.99 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: Rug24

Unicorn Rug From £29.99 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: Rug24

You have Unicorn Pyjamas, Unicorn Slippers, you even have Unicorn Bed Covers - now you need a Unicorn Rug to complete the scene.

Forget paying through the nose for one and get over to Amazon. Reputable seller Rug24, is selling a BRIGHT pink Unicorn Rug for as little as £29.99 with FREE delivery included. There are larger ones, that are more expensive, but the one under £30, is ideal for a small kids' room.

If you are worried about the quality of the Unicorn Rug, then don't. It has brilliant reviews and score a very impressive 4.8 stars out of 5 on the Amazon site.

It's made from 100% polypropylene so should be rather hard wearing and should clean okay too.

In the description, it randomly mentions 'green' but worry not. No-one has received anything but pink.

If you're Unicorn daft or know someone that is, then you just have to get one of these!


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  • Donna W.

    Elysea said she needs this xxx

    • Brent H.

      I bet she did

      • Donna W.

        Ask her xxx

      • Sally S.

        oh my do we know a little monkey that would go mad for this

        • Vikki T.

          I don't like it :pensive:

          • Natalie W.

            It's a bit too cartoony and colourful for my liking TBH xxx

            • Kirsty S.

              Awww that's mint. Shame it isn't duck egg or she'd have it. Xx

              • Lou G.

                I want it for my room lol

                • Kirsty S.

                  Thanks lass. I'm loving seeing all these stuff. Xx

                  • Katy A.

                    I've been looking for a rug for her :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                    • Amanda S.

                      mills wud love it xx

                      • Linda W.

                        grace would love this

                        • Kellie M.

                          Ahh yes she would but the rug would be too big for her bedroom x

                          • Linda W.

                            And for Gabrielle's too she would of loved it too

                            • Kellie M.

                              Shame x

                            • Lisa D.

                              Love this one xxxx

                              • Vicky A.

                                Amazing isn't it haha

                                • Rachel S.

                                  That's so cool!

                                  • Laura T.

                                    Oh my god I love it!!!

                                    • Gillian C.

                                      Jessica would love that :grinning::grinning:

                                      • Andrea V.

                                        bet lex would love this x

                                        • Chrissie C.

                                          That's gorgeous. She so would xx

                                        • Katie S.

                                          Can we have this in living room xxxx

                                          • Chris N.

                                            Haha Callie would love it xxxx

                                          • Claire A.

                                            Omg El would love this lol xx

                                            • Linda W.

                                              Omg!! I want it!!! Haha!! Thank u :unicorn:

                                              • Rachel J.

                                                for the girls room, love this x