Skip The Laundry Detergent & Buy An ecoegg!

What, no powder?
Skip The Laundry Detergent & Buy An ecoegg!

These strange things seem to be everywhere just now. I am talking about the ecoegg. They say it can save you a fortune in laundry detergent, and starting at £9.99 a piece, I am tempted to try one out.

What is an ecoegg?

It's a plastic egg that you stick in your washing machine, to replace the use of traditional washing detergents.

The ecoegg contains natural cleaning pellets that lasts a long time. They claim to remove dirt and grime from laundry and are safe to use on all fabrics, including delicates.

What are the benefits on an ecoegg?

The ecoegg is particularly good for sensitive skin, those that have adverse reactions can enjoy clean, fresh laundry without the allergies.

They are also more eco-friendly as they are reusable, and don't contain any harsh chemicals.

One of the best benefits of an ecoegg, has to be the money you save on detergent. A 210 wash ecoegg* costs £9.99, and for the equivalent in Washing Powder you would be £15+ easily.

Where can I buy an ecoegg?

You can buy the ecoegg from Amazon*, Lakeland* or directly from ecoegg* themselves.

Replacement pellets can be purchased from all three of the retailers mentioned above too.

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Reply to
  • Rachael L.

    these look pretty good! I might buy one see how I get on

    • Keri T.

      ye me to but i might give it a try c if as good as rekons and 200 odd washed for 9.99 ant to bad i spose i pay that for 70 washes

      • Rachael L.

        And you gotta replace the pellets too. Yea I spend £4 on detergent, £5 on a big bottle of conditioner and £7 on scent boosters ... a week! :see_no_evil: xx

        • Katherine S.

          Rachael Louise they don’t make your clothes smell. Nice anyway. Really didn’t rate it and I’m now back to detergent.

          • Keri T.

            Katherine Smith oh really that sucks then

            • Paisley C.

              hmm I wonder what like it is eh xxx

              • Danielle M.

                I know does it say anything about scent xxx

                • Paisley C.

                  I dunno I'm gonna have a look xxx

                  • Paisley C.

                    You can have them scented or unscented xxx

                    • Siiri S.

                      Nicole Smith I’ve had one for over a year and for every day wash is absolutely brilliant. Still wash bedsheets and my boyfriends chefs clothes with something else but otherwise I highly recommend!

                      • Nicole S.

                        Siiri Savi thank you! Just normal children’s washing and clothes it seems really good xx

                        • Kayleigh S.

                          Nicole Smith I also had it and didn’t really like it. I found it left clothes although clean it wasn’t good for whites in my opinion. And I missed the scent. I may get another one and just not use for whites x

                          • Laura C.

                            I used one, clothes didn’t come out smelling nice (they just didn’t smell at all) so I gave up on it!

                            • Abi H.

                              Laura Cox i use essential oils so they smell yummy!

                              • Carol H.

                                we’ve got to give it a go!

                                • Jenni B.

                                  I’m going to give it a go have a read xx

                                  • Natasha M.

                                    Abi Howis May I ask where you put the essential oils pls? In the machine drawer or on the beads of the ecoegg? Thanks :relaxed:

                                    • Julie W.

                                      I’ve had mine for about 5 years now.

                                      • Doreen K.

                                        Have been using this for years, must have saved quite a packet! Excellent and no more soap scum in clothes, fully recommend.

                                        • Laura E.

                                          I have one.. Its amazing, saved loads of money already