Removable Chalkboard Wall Sticker £2.50 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: KUJI

Removable Chalkboard Wall Sticker £2.50 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: KUJI

I have always loved the idea of having a chalkboard wall in my home. I've seen it in numerous family homes in interior magazines and I would love to give it a try.

Unfortunately we rent our home so as much as I would like to paint one of our kitchen walls in chalk paint I don't think it would go down too well with our landlord!

However I have recently discovered this Removable Chalkboard Wall Sticker and will definitely be giving it a try!

Not only does this seem like a fab idea it is also a bargain too. You can get a large sheet of chalkboard sticker and a set of chalks for just £2.50 with free delivery via Amazon Seller KUJI.

This is a great idea to stick in your kitchen to write down your shopping list or meal plans for the week, or to pass family messages along. I also like the idea of it in a playroom or little one's bedroom for them to draw on.

It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and is easy to apply. It is removable too, just make sure you follow the instructions you are given for the best results.

Delivery is FREE and is from China so may take slightly longer than usual.


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  • Kathryn C.

    this would be good to get & put on playroom somewhere?

    • Hannah W.

      when people ask you what's for dinner ? :joy:

      • Julie D.

        Lol that's so needed with you lot

      • Gemma F.

        good for work once we've painted

        • Jo W.

          Love this! Both for home and playgroup xx

          • Lynn F.

            ....for betty? Ive just ordered one x

            • Della L.

              , this is something we would be into! I've just got some for the kitchen door.

              • Laura W.

                lol I actually have 2small ones in the kids room :joy: but I do like this full length of reminders :grimacing:

              • Abigail E.

                Good idea for kitchen xxx

                • Heather S.

                  Only problem with these is if u decide to remove it, it ruins your door :scream::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

                  • Andrea B.

                    Ive got this and its fab. Just be careful what you stick it to tho. Came off the wall no bother but couldnt get it off the fridge lol! Dont think it would easily come off a door either! X

                    • Sammie I.

                      i looked at this on my ipad but decided to come on my laptop to buy it so i could check out the seller feedback seems i couldnt do it on my ipad. now all of a sudden all the sellers have put their prices up -_-

                      • Daz H.

                        I need these on every door so I don't forget things :joy: xxxxxx

                        • jellybeans12

                          Dimensions: 200 x 45 cm For anyone wondering

                          Now £3.18

                          • Karen D.

                            Ha I ordered it this morning xxx

                            • Gary M.

                              Nothing better than encouraging children to draw on walls at home :ok_hand:

                              • Dawn M.

                                I was thinking the exact same thing. After telling my daughter off for drawing on the walls, I then hand her chalk and say knock yourself out doll! Q chalk on furniture, carpet and the rest of the walls, lol