Rattan Swing Chair With Canopy £94.98 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: MHSTAR

Rattan Swing Chair With Canopy £94.98 Del

There are some things I see and I just want them instantly. This Rattan Swing Chair With Canopy is one of them. Look at it! Don't tell me you didn't just drift off into a daydream of you sitting in it with a magazine in one hand, and a cocktail in the other.

Amazon Seller: MHSTAR is selling it for £79.99 plus £14.99 delivery - which works out at just £94.98 Delivered.

The Rattan Swing Chair With Canopy is not for the kids. It's for you to enjoy whilst they run around like maniacs, squirting water at each other.

Whilst other swing seats can accommodate two or three people on it, this one can take one person only. Trust me, that's a good thing. The kids can't clamber on it as you are chilling out.

Made from high quality steel and PE rattan, this Swing Chair should with stand any weather.

I think this is prettier than most Swing Chairs out there too. You can choose to enjoy the sun on your skin, or make the most of the canopy and have some shade.

It comes with a cushion too, which is good and will ensure you are seated in comfort.

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  • Jay J.

    Not for £94 i dont.....

  • Tanya G.

    A swinging bench for antisocial people.

  • Blair R.

    Am out...not for me

  • Kim F.

    That's a hefty price. Think I'll stick to my trusty old bench

  • Kirri B.

    I could defo do with this :thumbsup:

  • Kayleigh F.

    Ha ha I'd never get up

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