Who Knew Toilet Paper Could Be Fun?

10 May 2015

Novelty Toilet Paper So it's Sunday morning and I'm browsing Amazon, looking for a fab deal, as you do, when I realised that toilet paper, it turns out, can be quite fun!

I have a five year old daughter and a three year old daughter, and much to my horror, they've recently discovered that any joke that has 'poo' as a punch line is hysterical. Even if it isn't. And here I thought that was just for boys.

But back to toilet paper - Amazon has toilet paper with Sodukuprinted on, or with jokesprinted on, or even a deep red colour*, if that fits your colour scheme.  Or how about a glow in the dark* roll? That could actually be quite useful! For the politically minded, there are various world leaders' faces you could use, and even a crime scene warning*!

As for dispensers, there's the Polaroid camera*, and the dog's backside*... my kids love the latter.

So these are all novelty items, for most people, I'm sure, but they gave me a smile on a Sunday - hopefully you will too!

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