Kittycorn Beddings Sets from £5.29 @ Argos

Kittycorn Beddings Sets from £5.29 @ Argos

Love cats and pugs? Love unicorns? You need this Kittycorn bedding from Argos - and it's now dropped to it's lowest price yet starting at just £5.29!

This fab fun bedding features just what you'd expect from the name - pictures of cats and pugs with unicorn horns! You're either going to love it or hate it, but if it's your thing this is a brilliant price for bedding sets and well worth snapping up.

The single size is £5.29, and the double just £7.99.

The duvet covers come with matching pillowcases, are a machine washable polyester and cotton mix, and are reversible so you can flip the duvet for a different look.

There's lots of stock about right now, but that can change very quickly with Argos.

Reserve and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs £3.95.


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  • Stephani E.

    I need those :unicorn::cat::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    • Gillian M.

      Awww bring on payday!! Xxx

      • Suzie P.

        Caticorns and pugcorns? I need this in my life

        • Kat P.

          Yes it's amazing I reserved one for Kaitlyn for Christmas x

          • Gillian A.

            Does it come in king size?:joy: I want!

            • Courtney S.

              Omg these are different ones

              • Kym M.

                Hahahaha all my favourite things :purple_heart:

                • Sarah P.

                  Why don't they do this in kingsize? :cry:

                  • Karen M.

                    Aw look how beautiful that is!!

                    • Keela O.

                      Omg that is amazing and so cute :heart:

                      • Kathryn H.

                        I really need to buy this!!!

                        • June M.

                          If this dosnt say your a single Sado with a pug a don't know what dose:weary::joy::joy:

                          • Deborah E.

                            Love this gonna get the girls it tomorrow x

                            • Amber F.

                              Shame they ruined it with pugs :pensive: xxx

                              • Jessica T.

                                Love this! How much you betting they don't do it big enough for my giant bed? :joy: xxx

                                • Kate C.

                                  I'll show the girls I bet they will love it! Xx

                                  • Kate C.

                                    Ha ha if only!! Apparently my pug xmas bedding is enough for now :disappointed_relieved: xx

                                    • Cherri A.

                                      Omg how cute :unicorn::unicorn: xxx

                                      • Tricia M.

                                        Wish there was no cats on this ha xx

                                        • Shelly W.

                                          The cats :tired_face: oh dear lord why would they associate them with such a majestic creature :confounded::confounded:cats are evil