Kitchen Craft Microwave Rice Cooker £5.39 @ Amazon

6 July 2010

rice1 Firstly, I don't usually get excited by kitchen stuff and secondly IGNORE the technical description on's wrong; all will become clear...

I inherited one of these rice cookers from my ex-father-in-law. It was one of those things that  you looked at, wondered what on earth was wrong with cooking rice on the hob, but figured you'd try it out anyway just to show willing and not look  ungrateful.

Now they're not hugely technical pieces of equipment, so I'm going to make the wild assumption that this Kitchen Craft microwave rice cooker works pretty much the same way that mine does - measure out rice with supplied measuring cup, measure out the correct amount of water as directed, put in microwave for the amount of time needed.

Then PING! Lovely fluffy non-stodgy rice! The first time I used that microwave rice cooker I was so excited by the lightness of the rice, I really thought it was about time I got out more.

However, it is one of my most favourite pieces of kitchen equipment and I'd never cook rice on the hob again!

rice2Now - the Amazon description says that it's safe to use on the hob or in the's not, it will melt.  You can put this in the microwave, the dishwasher and the freezer but you can't put it on the hob - no really, you can't *grin*

Supersaver for free delivery and all that malarky applies though - that bit's still right.

Thanks to kensington143 over at HUKD! (and no, that's not me - honest).

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