Kidkraft Double Chaise Lounger In Stock @ Very

Kidkraft Double Chaise Lounger

Oh my days I am ordering one of these as we speak! It has been a beautiful sunny day where I am down south today and with the little one's off on their school holidays we have been spending lots of time in the garden with the paddling pool out.

My 4 year old would just LOVE one of these Kidkraft Double Chaise Loungers from over at Very. She loves to copy me and we always lay out on my sun lounger of a Summer evening. If she could have her own matching one with Mummy she would be over the moon!

This double lounger is £119.99 at Very. The last time we posted this at another retailer it sold out so hurry if you want to get one!

This comfortable chaise lounger is specifically designed for children. It comes with a wooden frame with a navy canopy over the top to keep the sun off. The canopy is 3 sided so provides a great amount of shade to keep the little one's safe from those rays.

The chairs themselves come with padded navy and white striped cushions and in between the chairs are double cup holders for keeping your drinks in. The dimensions are H 89.5 x W 85.5 x D 92 cm.

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  • Annette R.

    This is adorable the kids would love this!

    • Tracy B.

      Never mind the kids, I want one for me :ok_hand::joy:

    • Tracy B.

      I'm a midget, I could easily fit on that :joy::joy:

  • Hannah J.

    It would be a miracle if My child sat like that!!!

  • Lynsy H.

    Millie would love this

  • Louise T.

    we also need an adult version to go with it :joy:! x

    • Ann-Marie F.

      That would be amazing xx

  • Lauren O.

    , I know a little girl who would love this!! :heart_eyes:

  • Rebecca M.

    This is £48 in Costco!

  • Marie R.

    Aww so cute, such a good idea xx

  • Kelly B.

    Shame it's so expensive

  • Terry W.

    Class that

  • Mehreen A.

    your garden needs this!!

  • Bethany C.

    how cute is this haha

  • Kelly R.

    O....M.....G want one!!! Xx

  • Isobelle H.

    Oh my god!! So cute they would love it! X

  • Christine L.

    They're £49 in costco wholesaler if anyone's near one :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Cathryn J.

    Love this!! Xx

  • Louisa P.


  • Michaela S.

    ...... Omg this is toooooo cute can we have these? :yum: pretty please haha

  • Tricia M.

    the girls would love this :joy: x

  • Katie P.

    Nice aint it x

  • Rianna S.

    we need the adult version of this :joy:

  • Elizabeth S.

    OMG, I want this for my garden!!

  • Tara F.

    I want one of these x

  • Zoe P.

    It's lovely so adult haha :joy::rolling_eyes:

  • Jacqueline H.

    That's sooo cute :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Gillian M.

    It's fab ain't it x

  • Kerry L.

    It's fab! X

  • Nikki S.

    I need one! X

  • Rebecca J.

    Omg how cute?! Xx

  • Donna H.

    The girls would love that xxx

  • Andrea M.

    This is class x

  • Ciara C.

    That is class

  • Miranda B.

    we need one of these lol x

  • Stuart A.

    If only they would sit down for 2mins

  • Emma M.

    Omg! Want!

  • Sonya T.

    How cute is that :)

  • Kirsty P.

    I need one of these

  • Carolina C.

    the kids need this!!

  • Gillian M.

    Costco have them and cheaper than that so cute x

  • Katie M.

    the girls would love this xx

  • Claire S.

    Omg yes!!!! X

  • Sarah S.

    Sod the kids i need one!

  • Ciaran R.


  • Kayleigh J.

    our diva would like this :smirk::smirk:xxx

  • Helen M.

    My son would love this x

  • Lindsay S.

    That's so cute

  • Natalie W.


  • Natalie L.

    My children don't sit still long enough for one of these :joy:

  • Lauren A.

    this would be ace for the girls X

  • Adele M.

    Love this my.twins have this one x

  • Lynne C.

    I know 2 little girls who would like this

  • Michala B.

    I love this, almost thought of getting it last year but don't think the girls would lay still long enough to use it!! X

  • Scott S.

    No one would sit still in it :joy: it would get shud all over haha xx

  • Laura W.

    This is amazing!

  • Rosie W.

    For all the small children who sit still and read a book :thinking:

  • Sherin R.

    Oh that's cute X

  • Angela H.

    I need an adult version of this please!

  • Kirsty B.

    I've seen this at Costco xxx

  • Aisha W.

    Ahh wicked I would so get one for that price!! Too cute xxx

  • Eileen M.

    It's great, isn't it xx

  • Lauren C.

    Omg how cute is that :heart_eyes:

  • Wendy M.

    My granddaughter will need one of these xx

  • Leila P.

    how smart is this! xxxx

  • Charlene P.

    Oh I need this :smile:xxx

  • Sarah F.

    - the girls would love this x

  • Melissa M.


  • Cherie S.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: OMG we need this xxxx

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