EXPIRED: GLITCH! Bosch SKS51E01EU Compact Freestanding Dishwasher £20.99 @ John Lewis

Bosch Compact Freestanding Dishwasher

OMG! Grab your debit card! This is an absolute bargain! It HAS to be a GLITCH/MISPRICE, but it's worth a punt. The Bosch SKS51E01EU Compact Freestanding Dishwasher is £400+ elsewhere, but only £20.99 at John Lewis.

The Bosch SKS51E01EU Compact Freestanding Dishwasher is for those of you that don't require a full size Dishwasher, or those of you that don't have the room.

As with any GLITCH or MISPRICE, it may not be honoured.

Delivery is £3!

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  • Julieanne W.

    :joy::joy: i was just looking at this!

  • Amy P.

    What the hell!!! How good

  • Sharon R.

    :joy::joy::joy: great minds n all that

  • Nicola C.

    Just ordered one let's hope it works :yum:

    • Nicola C.

      Nope it's a £400 dishwasher if I get it at that price I'm selling it :joy:

    • Nicola C.

      Think of it as an investment :joy:

    • Allan J.

      Fair doos lol speculate to accumulate

    • Nicola C.

      My point exactly :blush::joy:

  • Ian K.

    Hmm, we'll see! This acknowledges that your order has been received but not confirmed. Confirmation is subject to stock, payment, description and price verification and validation. Once this is complete, your order will be dispatched and payment taken. If there are any problems, our Customer service team will contact you by email.

  • Georgina W.

    It lets u Get to processing the payment and then says this item is longer available just as u go to secure checkout

  • Laura W.

    It's let me complete my purchase

    • Katie W.

      I think it’s let me but not had a email yet ? Have u ?

    • Katie W.

      Ok maybe I wasn’t lucky enough then :disappointed:

  • Celine C.

    Won't let me order out of stock

  • Louise T.

    Didn't last long Any way... out of stock lol

  • Chelle C.

    Ordered one then gone to order my mom one and it now saying out of stock x

  • Bethan R.

    I've just ordered one. We'll see what happens!

  • Laura B.

    most places price match.....

  • Ruth A.

    Thanks, already have my lovely big one though :slight_smile: xx

  • Amy A.

    I’m the dishwasher :joy::joy::joy:

  • Kailey R.

    so glad your not putting your pants in this :joy::joy::joy:

  • Samantha S.

    Dam it’s out of stock x

  • Claire F.

    Nowhere to put it why dont u get 1 x

  • Sarah M.

    Wouldn’t it have to be plumbed in some where? Not sure where we would put it to be honest!

  • Jayne R.

    Oh course yeah it would xx

  • Claire �.

    It’s out of stock now :angry:

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