Garden Claw Gloves With Digging & Planting Claws £4.99 Delivered @ eBay Store: thinkprice

Garden Claw Gloves £4.99

Call me pathetic, but I cannot handle gardening. Why? DIRT UNDER NAILS. I have tried regular Garden Gloves and I feel like I can still feel the muck, so I have found the solution... Garden Claw Gloves! They are only £4.99 from eBay Store: thinkprice.

You get TWO Garden Claw Gloves - left and right hand claws. There are four claws on each glove, leaving the thumbs claw-free.

The claws are made from ABS plastic and are ideal for raking or digging without the need for garden tools.

One size fits most.

Delivery is FREE!

How can I tell if a Business Seller on eBay is legit?

There's a quick and easy way of checking, and it's their Feedback Score, which is located next to the name of the seller. This can be found in the top right hand corner of the page.

It's also worth checking that the reviews are positive, and where the business is located.

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  • Sophie D.

    we need these for my garden bro

  • Angelia S.

    Ooo they look lethal. Good back scratcher for alex

  • Carol B.

    Got some for Christmas, they're ace!

  • Elaine L.

    I took them up to dads to do his garden! I love them

  • Shelley B.


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