Further Reductions: Sale Items From £2 @ Emma Bridgewater

Further Reductions @ Emma Bridgewater

I won't lie to you, I freakin' love Emma Bridgewater stuff. It's a little too expensive for my purse normally, but not today! They have only gone and slashed Sale prices even further, meaning you can get up to 70% off.

Sale items start from just £2 - go get 'em...

Delivery is £5, or FREE for orders of £40+.

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  • Justine S.

    I did an order the other day lol

  • Trina P.

    Haha my little order came this morning :see_no_evil:

  • Emma F.

    Oh I’m on it! Don’t you worry!! :joy::joy::joy: xx

  • Alana H.

    Lol Thank you Hun I’m at the emma factory at the minute

  • Jordain H.

    I’m moving from cups to plates now! Haha xxx

  • Gillian H.

    Already placed my orders! :heart_eyes:

  • Claire-Louise D.

    Im on their mailing list and already looked but Im poor :sob::joy::joy::joy::joy: xxx

  • Victoria M.

    I have my basket filled ready for payday

  • Alison M.

    Typical when I'm broke :joy:

  • Emily S.

    I just can't justify such treats :joy_cat:

  • Rebecca N.

    Already bought some bits! :joy:

  • Aimee W.

    :heart: I'm saving my pennies for baby sales :kissing_heart:

  • Lauren E.

    Always need Emma bridge water things x

  • Cille E.

    I want it all! Tempted by the teapot especially!xox

  • Stefanie M.

    All over it already :joy::joy:

  • Sabrina T.

    I've already been on :see_no_evil:

  • Nicola K.

    Woohoo broke loads of mine recently!

  • Kay T.

    It says some of them are seconds (imperfections) but I say more character :wink:

  • Pamela A.

    Omg off to check this out x

  • Noni L.

    Just ordered myself a pink ladybird mug, so pretty x

  • Hannah G.

    Already had the email :joy::joy: stuff I like gone xx

  • Stuart C.

    at £2 canna grumble :joy:

  • Karen W.

    I’ve been very good & not bought anything!! :smiley:

  • Lucy W.

    I’m wondering if I can get away with buying rob a mug for Valentine’s Day

  • Lara C.

    Waaaahhhhhh thanks beaut xxxx

  • Amanda S.

    I’ve already had mine delivered! :see_no_evil:

  • Laura W.

    How weird been browsing a few hours ago! Thanks ducky! Xxx

  • Liane G.

    I actually can’t wait!! I have a list

  • Anne A.

    Only because she’s already made a purchase!!

  • Holly D.

    I'm on no spend jan but thank you for thinking of me . its killing me lol xxx

  • Denise T.

    Thanks Hun, I don’t own anything Emma Bridgwater but really want to! Love it all x

  • Evelyn L.

    Only thing at £2 is a facecloth. Rest has about 10% off.

  • Katie C.

    Do you think I need this kind of encouragement :joy::joy::joy::joy::kissing_heart:

  • Anna G.

    :see_no_evil: Just a little peep wouldn’t hurt

  • Donna P.

    Thank you, I've just got loads :joy::heart_eyes:

  • Jacqueline R.

    I was just looking at this!!

  • Eilidh O.

    I ordered stuff this morning! :joy:

  • Amy M.

    Oh my :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: would hate to miss a bargain xx

  • Abbie B.

    I've had 6 sale orders already :joy::speak_no_evil::heart_eyes:

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