Flower Grenades £9 @ PrezzyBox

Flower Grenades £9 @ PrezzyBox

PrezzyBox takes the idea of flower bombing to a whole new level with these Flower Grenades. They are normally £12 for a box of 3 'grenades' but are now reduced to £9. The offer ends on the 30th June, or while stocks last.

It's certainly not the cheapest way to flower bomb the neighbourhood, but it's pretty fun as a once off and should make flower bombing appeal especially to boys who might otherwise not be that bothered.

So rather than raking the soil, planting the seeds and watering them, you simply throw your flower grenade at the desired area where you want your flowers to grow and leave them to do their thing.

The flower grenade is made from a dried clay mixture, which will dissolve in the rain - which we have plenty of - and a few weeks later, you will have your very own colourful flowers sprouting from what once was dull earth.

Each Flower Grenade contains soil, buttercup, poppy and ryegrass seeds, giving you a beautiful mixture of colours.


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