Femmecup Menstrual Reusable Cup £9.99 @ Amazon

Femmecup Menstrual Reusable Cup £9.99

I don't think any woman would disagree with me saying that Sanitary products like Towels and Tampons cost us ladies £££'s over the years. Others can argue that they aren't eco-friendly either. If these issues bother you then you may be interested in an alternative. The Femmecup Menstrual Reusable Cup is just that. These would normally cost you around £20 and a more known similar product called a Mooncup would set you back £30.

Amazon are selling the Femmecup Menstrual Reusable Cup for just £9.99. That's a brilliant price and will soon work out cheaper than other sanitary products.

If you cannot wait, then you can order direct from Femmecup themselves. You can do that by clicking here. They are also £9.99 here and you get FREE delivery too.

So, what is a Femmecup? Femmecup is a soft menstrual cup that you use like a tampon. It won't absorb but will collect your menstrual flow. It's reusable so is cost effective and is eco-friendly too. It's not for everyone, and I must admit that it makes me feel a bit squeamish. However, the reviews are brilliant so they must be good.

Thanks to kirstinleighton

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  • Bente V.

    Never even heard of one!!

  • Bekey C.

    Not for me thanks! but iv heard amazing reviews!

  • Bel B.

    Good for the environment and no toxic shock risk.

  • Sharon-marie W.

    I have a moon cup (just a different brand) and it's great. I used to find towels irritated my skin too much so when I saw these I gave them a go. It takes a couple of tries to get used to fitting it but then it's brill. No leaks or anything and I've used mine for 3 years. Highly recommend

    • Cherry J.

      How do you get on in public places, emptying etc x

  • Ellie S.

    I have a mooncup too & love it! This looks very similar for half the price. Was always concerned about toxic shock x

  • Sarah T.

    Love my cup could never go back to pads and tampons x

  • Gillian A.

    a could have been dain way this the day haha xxx

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