Colour Match Fuschia Storage/Laundry Basket £2.99 (was £4.99) @ Argos

Colour Match Fuschia Storage/Laundry Basket £2.99 (was £4.99) @ Argos

I never seem to have enough toy storage no matter how many clear outs I have, and storage like this is really handy to have. Argos have Colour-Match Pop-Up Baskets that can be used for storage, and although they are usually £4.99 each the Funky Fuschia colour has been reduced to just £2.99.

Although this is being sold as a laundry basket these are just as good for storing toys, and their pop-up design means that they can be folded up and put away when you aren't using them.

We have several of these in different colours and they are really great for storing soft toys and teddies, as you can see exactly what is inside when you need to find something. It makes it really handy when you child wants a different toy in bed with them every night I can tell you! I wouldn't put anything too heavy in them as they are not designed for really heavy tough toys, but lighter items can be stored with no problem.

I'm hoping they reduce some of the other colours too as this bright pink won't go with my boys rooms, though I doubt they would object too much really. It's just the oldest who has decided that pink is 'for girls', but I much prefer the blue Lagoon* colour myself!

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