Bricks Jumbo Storage Chest £7 @ Very

Bricks Jumbo Storage Chest £7 @ Very

Standing on LEGO is one of the most painful things in the world. My boys used to leave it everywhere, until I swapped some boring plastic storage boxes to fancy toy boxes. Very have reduced the Bricks Jumbo Storage Chest from £22 to just £7, which is ideal for upgrading your child's toy storage.

This Bricks Jumbo Storage Chest doesn't have to be used for toys if you don't want it to. You could use it to store clothes, books or even craft items.

On the outside of the Storage Chest is a LEGO style design, which will appeal to most children.

It measures 50cm x 40cm so is a good size. The reviews seem good too and it has a 4.3 star rating too, so for £7 I think it's a good buy.

I think I will get some of these whilst they are reduced. You can't have too much storage, right?

You can pick up your Bricks Storage Chest for FREE from a local participating shop when you opt for Collect+. If you would prefer to have it delivered to your home then delivery is £3.99.


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  • Mandi E.

    Ordered & free c&c too!

    • Jennifer W.

      Still wouldn't keep the living room tidy. There'd still be Lego all over the floor! lol

      • nadacolada

        What's that saying? A messy home is a happy home! That's what I am clinging to! :D