Bebe Style Children's Pirate Wooden Furniture From £2.99 @ Amazon Seller: Kiddy Products

Kids' Pirate Wooden Furniture From £2.99

Oh. My. Goodness. This may just be one of the best deals I have stumbled across. If you are looking for some funky bedroom furniture for your little one then look no further. Normally, you would pay through the nose for fancy, themed stuff, but not on Amazon.

Amazon Seller: Kiddy Products are selling Bebe Style Children's Pirate Wooden Furniture from just £2.99 a piece. Delivery is £9.99 per item but even with that factored in, these are a great price and much cheaper than anywhere else.

Here's what you can choose from:

I want it all! The prices are really low even with that delivery charge included, so there could well be sell outs.

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  • Carly W.

    Would be a bargain If it wasn't for the 9.99 delivery charges

    • Iola J.

      Still a bargain Inc postage

    • Lisa C.

      Can you not add all things at once then check out for only one delivery price?

  • Lucy R.

    the rocker with the steering wheel- easily turned in to a car ;)

    • Adrian R.

      That's cool £15 with delivery xxx

  • Claire L.

    look at ride on boat

  • Kerry-ann H.

    what's the catch? He wud love the boat at 4.99! X

    • Hannah S.

      The boat is 12.99 plus 9.99 delivery when you click it x

  • Kimberley M.

    The postage on the items is more than the items itself :cry: such a shame x

    • Ally O.

      Still much cheaper than rrp with postage on top

  • Carla �.

    how cute are these!

  • Vicki T.

    Omg I want it all!!! Xc

  • Emma H.

    Thank you, just ordered the sit on toy box, fits perfect with my sons bedroom theme!!

  • Dylan H.

    The little toy trunk is £15 with delivery how sweeta

  • Kirsty B.

    Still makes some of it not a bad price

  • Colette G.

    how flash is all this bedroom stuff xx

  • Beckie S.

    Want it all lol xxx

  • Bobbie F.

    thats awesome :O

  • Natalie G.

    wow they are so cool!

  • Tracy W.

    Love it

  • Alexandra F.

    They are cute!! X

  • Niki W.

    Wow how amazing x

  • Amanda L.

    All of it! Haha or should I say Arrrrhhhhh! :skull_crossbones::joy::thumbsup:

  • Steven C.

    Love it

  • Hollie S.

    Aww that's so nice x

  • Amanda L.

    Pushes the price up with £9.99 delivery for each piece! Wow :confused:

  • Roxy C.

    Have you seen the prices the rocking boat is only £4.99

  • Kasia V.

    The one that looks like a isnt it?x

  • Stephanie I.

    Oh my freaking days. That's amazing xxx

  • Roxy C.

    Yeh it is which is crazy price but still 14.99 isn't bad

  • Steven C.

    If you order a few pieces is it just 9.99 delivery or 9.99 per piece?

  • Casey C.

    Hmm doesnt look as good of a price with £9.99 postage!! X

  • Natalie G.

    I think the bed would be worth it but the smaller items not so much. Shame they don't combine the postage xx

  • Casey C.

    Yeh the bed looks a bargain. I suppose thats how they make the money xx

  • Clare P.

    This stuff is nice!

  • Adam C.

    Is there any place we can look at them?

  • Leah D.

    Ooooo i love it!!! X

  • Bernard S.

    We are too old for a pirate bed :grinning: xxx

  • Rachel W.

    They only deliver to Mainland uk, not to the Scottish highlands! Typical Amazon, a lot of the companies don't deliver our way even tho we are on mainland!! Thanks anyway :blush: xx

  • Louise H.


  • Lauren F.

    Oh no, that is typical! It's such a joke, I hate companies that do that! Xx

  • Scott F.

    They are cool

  • Megan D.

    How cool are they!!

  • Emma P.

    I want it now xxxxx

  • Emma B.

    Wow so cute :heart_eyes: think Leo needs a new pirate bedroom :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Lizzee A.

    Could you imagine it with sailor boy bedding:heart_eyes:

  • Emma B.

    I need to move ASAP!

  • Alan M.

    Nice!! How much is all of it xx

  • Shaun P.

    They are cool

  • Nadine B.

    They are so cheap wow bargain x

  • Kirsty P.

    look at these man excellent for the bairn

    • Carly S.

      They look mint don't they x

    • Kirsty P.

      Unreal cheap man most stuff is a fiver!

  • Jayne H.

    Prices have gone up! Bed now £45 delivered but still a great price

  • Lisa Q.

    Ah thanks. What's the catch? 99p?! :joy: xx

  • Hayley H.


  • Jayne H.

    Rachel Wilson I'm in northern ireland and I've been able to order ok and they normally nevwr deliver here lol. Maybe worth a try.

  • Katy G.

    £10 postage per item!

  • Jill D.

    Still works out a good deal on the bed!

  • Gillian C.

    Prices have gone up btw lol not by loads tho xx

  • Mairi-Elaine V.

    Prices appear to have gone up

  • Josie M.

    Ooo ther brilliant x

  • Allison C.

    When you click the link the prices are way higher than what's being advertised here!!!!

  • Sam T.

    From £2.99 but u have to pay £9.99 postage :thumbsdown_tone1:

  • Alyson M.

    It's £9.99 postage per item not worth it. Xxxxxxxx

  • Susan H.

    lochlann would love this!!

  • Steph R.

    Ive just bought everything now haha

  • Faye J.

    this is Cameron set that we got last year

  • Alana H.

    I was just looking for something to keep all David's books in as well xx

  • Sarah C.

    £45 for 3 of them:expressionless: comes to £15 but £30 delivery!

  • Shelley C.

    Not such a bargain when you get hit with a big delivery charge!

  • Stephanie R.

    Thanks but we will be decorating later in year and I think it's going to be cars themed :) x

  • Lesley C.

    Just went to get these and you get whacked with £9.99 delivery on each item :flushed::flushed:

  • Samantha C.

    I was looking at them the other day. Might see how big they are and maybe purchase haha

  • Nicola B.

    Haha it's so cheap I'm considering it :joy:

  • Tonya F.

    Argos have these for sale with free delivery. :)

  • Dielle L.

    the big unit is nice would be good for benjis toys and could get rid of toy box might just order it at that price x x

  • Wish T.

    Aww! Checked it out and it's £9.99 delivery per item! :rage: that's a bit of a con! I am going away abroad soon anyway so will have to wait til I'm back anyway I guess :smile::thumbsup: a blessing in disguised. X

  • Alison E.

    Hehe! Looks interesting x

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