The ASDA Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Plate & Mug Review

I recently discovered the ASDA range of products that have been designed to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. They are really well priced and utterly brilliant for that extra dash of colour and splash at your street party.

On Monday I reviewed the tea towel and today the Diamond Jubilee commemorative mug and plate. The rather awesome Diamond Jubilee mug has an identical pattern to that on the tea towel but with the blue border running along the bottom and the lip of the mug. It is lovely, really sturdy and has just coped very well with a run through the dishwasher at the highest temperature setting.

The mug is also only £3 and I think that is fantastic value for something that you can keep for years as a memento of the celebration. It hasn’t faded and the pattern hasn’t cracked and I have used it every day and washed it every day.

Finally, there is the really cool commemorative plate. Now this comes in a gorgeous box that has the same pattern printed on it and the plate lies inside, neatly and securely wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap. I must say that it is not excessively packaged, a good point in its favour, but done in such a way that you can easily re-wrap the plate once you have finished using it.

The Diamond Jubilee commemorative plate from ASDA is great quality. My child picked it up, she loves the range as they are learning about this celebration at school, and immediately dropped it by accident. It did have a soft carpet to land on, but still I was impressed.

The Diamond Jubilee plate is also only £3 and there are lots of other lovely bits and pieces on sale there too, like the teapot and the Union Jack tea towel. It’s a lovely range that will make any street party or garden party look simply lovely!

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